Thursday, November 1, 2012

Braised mushroom meat sauce 香菇肉燥

I haven't post anything on my blog for a long time. Almost abandoned this blog. I feel a little guilty if I use "busy" as the excuse, but ... I AM BUSY with the twins, my husband (a forever two-year-old) and housework. Anyway, the weather is getting cold, so I decided to cook something tasty and nutritious.

This is the kind of taste that I will never forget -- the braised mushroom meat sauce. I followed the instructions on the website. Ah~ Never known that I could reproduce this wonderfully tasty dish at my home in USA. I will certainly make this dish more often from now on. Great with noodles, rice or soup!

Braised mushroom meat sauce
Ground Pork 2 pounds (got it from BJ's)
Dried Shitake Mushroom 10 pieces (soak in hot water to soften)
Red Shallots 10 pieces (diced)
Chicken Stock 100g (with extra)

Oyster Sauce 2 tbsp
Soy Sauce 1/2 - 3/4 cups
Rock Sugar 1/4 cups
White Pepper 1/4 tsp
5 spice powder 1 tbsp
Chinese Wine 2-3 tbsp

1. Season minced pork with soy sauce, a little sugar,sesame oil and a little corn starch. (all seasonings not stated in recipe) Soak shitake mushroom in water and dice into small cubes.
2. In a heated wok, add 1 cup vegetable oil, fry sliced shallots until brown and crispy.
3. Add mushroom and saute until fragrant. Add minced meat and stir fry until 70% cooked. Transfer to a pot.
4. Add all seasoning. (adjust qty according to taste)
5. Add chicken stock and/or water and simmer on low heat for one hour. Add crispy fried shallots. Continue to cook another 10 mins. Turn off heat and if possible leave the minced meat over night.
6. Heat up again before serving. If a thicker texture is preferred, thicken with a little potato starch solution.

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