Sunday, July 8, 2012

House fried rice 家常炒飯

Fired rice is the most convenient dish to make. Just throw everything you like together, and you got yourself a nice dinner. I usually use things that are getting old in my fridge to make the fried rice. For example, here I have color peppers, sweet peas, rotisserie chicken (see notes below), eggs and leftover cooked rice.  

First, heat up some vegetable oil in pan. Then add the chicken and vegetables. Then scramble the eggs and add it in. Stir to break the eggs into pieces. Finally add the rice and season it. You're done!

The rotisserie chicken is a wonderful thing! We buy it at BJ's, only $4.99 per chicken. We peel off the meat while it is still warm (it's easier to peel it when it's warm). Save it for lunch or other use, like making fried rice. The bones are great for making soup. Throw the bones in a pot and cover them with enough water. Slow cook for 1 hr. Remove the fat on the surface, and it's a great base for soup. We just use it for chicken noodle soup. It is very flavorful and tasty! The leftover bones have one more use -- give them for my in-laws for their garden! It is a wonderful thing!

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