Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prenatal Visit (34W4D)

Starting 32 weeks, my OB appointment is scheduled every two weeks. My ATU appointment is still every 4 weeks until I deliver. I've been taking thing easy at home for two weeks now. It's really nice. Even though I can't sleep well at night, I can catch up some sleep in the late morning and late afternoon. It is so quiet in the neighborhood, especially during weekdays. I've been watching so many shows on Netflix. When everyone was talking about the Superbowl, I was occupied by Cake Boss.

My husband is doing everything around the house now. He cooks three meals, shops for groceries, cleans the dishes, does the laundry and many more. Thank God it's winter time, so no yarn work yet. I am getting so big now that everything is a labor for me. My feet are so swollen that walking is a real pain. I need to put my feet up even after I take a shower. I know it's a pain now, but I will take it one day at a time. Twins or multiples usually deliver early, and I tell myself I will make it as long as I can. I am counting the days now. Hopefully I can make it to march, and the babies will be 36 weeks by then. They should be OK without too much interventions if born by then.

My husband went to the OB appointment with me today. The physician assistance told me to stand on the scale. No way! I gained 10 lbs in two weeks!! I didn't eat much. It must be from the lack of exercise. The doctor used the portable ultrasound machine to check the babies. She said they are doing fine, however, she didn't see the membrane that separates the twins, so she asked me to go to the ATU and have them checked with a better quality ultrasound machine.

We went upstairs, and they first took my blood pressure. It was 140/90. No way! An hour ago at the OB clinic it was only 120/880! The nurse checked again 20 minutes later, and it was still the same! I was thinking their blood pressure device must be off and needs a calibration. The ultrasound went fine, and the boys were chic-chatting (both heads up).

That evening before we went to bed, I saw the blood pressure device sitting on the coffee table, so I thought I might checked again. Wow! It's 150/99! I was so concerned, it was only 120/80 a few days ago! I sent an email to my OB and hope she would see it soon. I knew she was on service a lot. I decided to sleep first and check the blood pressure again in the morning.

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