Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hospitalization (34W5D)

I checked my blood pressure again in the morning, and it was still 144/94. My doctor hasn't replied to my email yet. I called my OB office as soon as it opened for this was not so urgent, and I had no symptoms at all. The nurse practitioner called me back and asked me for a few questions: do I have blurred vision? Do I have pain under my right ribs? I answered no. Then she asked me to go to the OB triage. My husband immediately asked a day off from his boss. We packed everything as if we would be in the hospital for a while, although we were not mentally prepared at all.

At the hospital, they did my blood work (platelet count, BUN, creatinine, AST, uric acid) and urine(urinalysis, protein). It was extremely hard to collect the urine, because I was huge and hard to bend down. I brought my knitting to the hospital to kill time. The protein/creatinine ratio of my urine was 6.1, even on a very diluted urine (creatinine = 20)! It looked like a multiple myeloma patient's urine. They also checked the babies' movement, monitored their heart beats and ultrasound. It showed that the babies were doing all the right things, practicing breathing (chest was going up and down). The conclusion from the doctor was: I couldn't go home that day. I had to stay in the hospital from now on until I deliver, I guess.

I was diagnosed with preeclampsia, despite all the effort I made according to Barbara Luke's book: When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads. They explained to me what might happen and they would try to do their best to prevent the complication -- seizure. I knew everything scientifically, however, it felt so different when this was happening to me, and I felt so scare to know that I might have seizure. 

I was admitted that afternoon, and they started the 24 hr urine collection right away (4:45 pm). They would make the decision based on the result. The room was nice. It's like a hotel room, a private room with a bathroom, TV program with 50 plus channels, free WiFi and a futon for my husband. All we were doing was waiting, at least for the next 24 hours. Boy! I felt the times went by so slowly. It is hard to kill. We were talking about what to get  for dinner. Should we order pizza or Chinese? Should we ask them to deliver or should we pick it up? 

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