Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Prenatal Visit (32W2D)

I am going to see my doctor today. I have so many questions to ask her about Baby A's dilated kidney. I always show up on time, but I always have to wait for 40 minutes to an hour to see her. When I finally see her, it's only for 10 min. She is quick but thorough. She told me not to get too worried, it is a very common finding (5% of all pregnancy). She never has a baby who has the same finding turns out to have Trisomy 21. Well, I am still worried even after she said so. Welcome to parenthood, I guess.

She told me there was a little protein in my urine. She told me to go to the restroom again and wipe clean before I void, because the protein may come from the discharge. I went again and there was still protein in my urine, she called me around noon. She told me to get blood work done to see if everything is normal. I think she was suspecting I have preeclampsia.

Today is my last day physically at work, and I need to pack up some things before I go. I needed to make some photocopies, but the copy machine didn't cooperate. I had to bend down to fix the paper jam. Oh, I felt I was going into labor. It was so hard to bend with a huge belly. I knelt on the ground and it's just too hard to get up. Finally, I had to carry the stuff with me on my way to my car. I felt it's such a long walk. Every step was a labor. I stopped by at the phlebotomy station to get my blood drawn. The phlebotomist said you look like the baby is going to pop out soon. Well, it's true, but he didn't know I am having twins.

Thank God after today I can work from home and really take things easy.

ps. My doctor emailed me the next day telling me the results were normal. Well, I already knew that since I checked myself.

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