Friday, January 20, 2012

Prenatal Visit (30W5D)

It's getting to the end of January, and I am 30 weeks pregnant now. I know I will take a big chunk of time off soon, and my colleagues will have to cover for me, so I asked to be on call for as long as I can tolerate. I was on call 4 weeks in a roll, ending on Martin Luther King Day. I just can't do it anymore. I got shortness of breath when giving lecture to the residents. I am still sticking around these two weeks, taking things easy. I asked to work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then I will be working from home exclusively until I go in labor. My doctor knew from ultrasound that the babies are still breeched at this moment, plus it's twins, so she has scheduled a C-section for me. She told me she can't schedule it earlier than 38 weeks, although it's not likely that I will make it to 38 weeks. So it's just for formality... They also found sugar in my urine and worry if I have gestational diabetes. The blood work showed everything is normal. My doctor explained it's because the dilation of the blood vessel in the kidney, making the kidneys more "leaky" than usual. Ah~ another wonderful thing about pregnancy.

It's getting hard to sleep at night. If I sleep on my left side, my heart beats will suddenly go really fast. I get really uncomfortable and shortness of breath. If I turn to my right  side, I get heartburn. Turning back and forth is just simply painful. Luckily I don't have much cramps in the leg, thanks to all the vitamins I take. However, the round ligament pain is just unbearable sometimes. I wake up every 1.5 hrs at night, making it impossible to sleep deep, and I have a lot of dreams somehow. My doctor said these are all pregnancy related (hormones).

We are getting anxious, and hopefully I can make it for as long as possible. I've read terrible things on the web about preemies having developmental problems. The babies' movements are getting stronger and my belly is certainly growing exponential in size! It's 54 inches now! Sometimes they get hiccups and they last about 10 minutes. It is so cute just imagining the little ones are in there hiccuping! It says in the books that talking to your babies is a good exercise. I try to do it but wondering if they can hear me. There's no response, maybe they are paying attention to my voice. Who knows?!

I also get really tired now and just want to go to sleep all the time. I literally slept through all day on Martin Luther King Day. I bet if I tell my doctor, she would say it's normal. Every symptom I have is normal, pregnancy-related. I guess it's better than "not normal", right?

We have Netflix online service, and I've been watching the Law & Order Special Victim Unit series. I just finished all the episodes in total 13 seasons. Before that I was watching Monk, another detective TV show. I am hunting for the new target. Any suggestions?

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