Saturday, December 3, 2011

Infant CPR

Today we went to ISIS Parenting to take Infact CPR lesson. This is a good skill to learn in case of emergency. It was a small class, and there were 5 couples there. The instructor was so nice. She had two young children herself.

Each of us had a baby doll in front of us for practice. We followed the movie from the American Heart Association, then practiced on the baby doll. If babies have no breath and heartbeats, not alerting, it's time to start the CPR.

1. Put baby on a well-supported platform.
2. Make sure the environment is safe (e.g., no pets around).
3. Put your head close to the baby to make sure there is no breath, only for 10 sec.
4. Open baby's clothes, and find the nipple line.
5. Put your index finger and middle finger at two fingers below the nipple line.
6. Push for 30 times, and use the other hand to stabilize the head.
7. Then push the chin up, nose pointing right up.
8. Use your mouth to cover both the baby's nose and mouth.
9. Breath and observe if the chest has come up. Breath twice.
10. Back to 30 pushes on the chest.
11. Do 5 sets of pushes and breathes.
12. Call 911.

She also said that don't give babies raw carrots, grapes or hot dogs. There are things that get choked easily. Cut food into small pieces. For grapes, cut them in 1/4.

She also showed us what to do when babies are choked. I think this is a very useful skill to learn. Hopefully I will never need to use it, of course.

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