Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ATU Visit (25W2D)

Today is my happy hour at the ATU. The nurse said my belly has grown so big already. A new resident came in to do the scan first. She didn't seem to have much experience, and the babies were having a party inside, so that made her even harder to scan them. She did it for 30 minutes, didn't seem to get anywhere. Then the fellow came in. That was the fellow I met at my first visit here back in August. He is very nice and patient.

I feel Baby B more these days, and don't feel baby A that much. Just the opposite as before. The fellow took over the scan, and commented: Um, Baby A is head up, transverse, and very active today. I told him I feel baby B more these days. Then he started the scan on Baby B, and said: No wonder you feel Baby B more. Baby B is just wild! I love this comment! Every time I think about what he said, this always makes me laugh. Oh~ my cute babies. I really look forward to seeing you.

Last night I was up to use the bathroom around 3:30 am. When I went back to bed, I was so sleepy, but Baby A seemed up already, he started kicking, and kicking hard. I pet my belly, and he responded and calm down. Then Baby B decided to be up too. He started to kick and kick. I pet my belly to calm him down. It's good my boys respond to petting. At least I find some way to calm them down. What were they doing up so early? I have no idea. The kicks were quite intense, almost making me feel that they were not happy about something.

Sometimes I feel their hands touching around. That's the funniest feeling! As if they are exploring their little world inside my belly, they want to feel where the boundaries are. They are full of curiosity. So cute!

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