Monday, November 21, 2011

Prenatal Visit (22W1D)

Today I have an appointment to see my OB. As usual, I waiting at least 30 minutes (pass my appointment time) to see her. I don't understand why I have to wait such a long time every time I am here. If they need more time, why not just move my appointment 30 minutes later?

She came in and we talked about my absence of leave. Again, she told me if there is no medical problem, she can't approve me to be on leave. She told me nothing I can do to prevent preterm labor. If the babies are coming, they are coming. Even if I live across the street from the hospital, it's not going to help. Ah~ Gosh! These words just scare me so much! I am sure they will haunt me until my babies are born. Is this the result that I waited for 30 min, only to see her for 10 min and get kicked out? I feel I am so not cared for. She could have told me those things in a nicer way. Well, this is not the first bad experience with her. She rarely makes me feel good. If I am going to have another baby, I will seriously consider changing to another OB. :-(

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