Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prenatal Visit (18W4D)

We finished the two ultrasound scans this week. Today we are going to our OB office to see the nurse practitioner. We reviewed the results for the ultrasound scans. I told her that I sometimes feel my hearts beats so fast or I can't catch my breath, especially when lying down. She told me this is normal for pregnant women. If this happens too often, call the office immediately. She also told me to get a flu shot, which is good to protect me and my babies, even after they are born. So I did. We also talked about going on leave, but she said if I don't have medical problem, they can't write a letter for me to be on leave.

Ah~ I know I am just a patient to them, but no one can understand how worried I am. The commute everyday to and from work is already a big stress for me. Not to mention it's long, but sometimes I am stuck in traffic, making it even longer!

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