Thursday, September 29, 2011

ATU Visit (14W4D)

Today is the time to see the ATU doctors. I love to go there, because I feel I am really being cared for. Every time I go there, they do ultrasound on the babies to see if they grow well. They also measure the amniotic fluid amount and look at the placenta. Every time I am seen by a fellow first, then the attending physician. I don't mind being seen by a trainee, because I think sometimes they are more careful.

Today they told me that the babies are doing great! Baby A (left) is head up (breech position), and the placenta is anterior (in the front). Baby B (right) is the opposite, head down and placenta is posterior. I was amazed by how well they utilize the space in my belly, and they seem to cooperate really well! Good babies!!

It's still a little early to see clearly the full baby anatomy, so we will have to wait until babies are 18 weeks old. I am so nervous. Oh, they told me babies are now measured around 13 weeks old. I think they are smaller, because I am 14 weeks pregnant. According to Dr. Barbabra Luke's book, I need to eat beef, which as a lot of protein, to help my babies grow. I am going to buy some beef tonight.

So far I have gained 12 pounds since pregnant. My belly is getting to show, but I can still hide it. I try to take a walk everyday after lunch. I plan to do so until the weather gets cold.

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