Thursday, September 22, 2011

2nd Prenatal Visit (13W4D)

Today is a rainy day. The morning traffic was terrible for everybody. I had my appointment at 8:45 am, and we were trying so hard to meet the time.

When I got there, I was told that the doctor was late. I was just glad that it was me who's late. I waited until 9:30 to see the doctor. We discussed my early risk assessment results, and we decided not to continue with the second trimester screen, because results would be unreliable due to twin pregnancy. We also talked about the full fetal ultrasound at 18 weeks. There is a slightly higher risk to hurt the babies for amniocentesis procedure, so we decided to do the ultrasound at two different locations instead. This sounds perfect to my ear. I asked the doctor if it is OK to drink soy milk, because I drink about 3 cups of soy milk everyday at breakfast. She said she's not too concerned. The amount I drink is too little, but if I were taking soy concentrate pills, she would be concerned.

For a while, I haven't felt any baby movements. So I said to the babies, "please do something to let me know that you are doing OK." And I did feel something, enough to make me feel a whole lot better. These are surely sweet babies!

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