Monday, August 15, 2011

Cherry tomatoes with rasin 蜜餞櫻桃蕃茄

 Tomatoes can be vegetables and fruits. When I was little, there were no cherry tomatoes, only the big ones. We would cut it in chucks, sprinkle sugar on top and eat it as "desserts". However, it gets messy sometimes this way. Then cherry tomatoes were introduced, no cutting, no mess, no seeds to spit out, even better than cherries! My in-laws know I love them so much, they planted a few cherry tomato trees in their garden, and it is in season now.They have to be picked before it rains, otherwise they will swell and burst. They can also be picked while still green, and they will turn red when stored in a paper bag at room temperature.

A very simple way to eat it is to dip it in white prune powder (梅粉). We brought back one jar from Taiwan last time, but I couldn't find it. So I cut them open, and stuff a raisin in it (red grapes, green grapes and/or cranberry raisins). It tastes sweet and sour, great for "desserts" after dinner.
White prune powder can also be used with other fruits, like apples, pears or guavas.

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