Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sha cha beef kabob 沙茶烤牛肉串

My little niece is two and half years old. In her world, everything is a game. She doesn't eat much, but if we make it into a game, she's all for it. We recorded a lot of movies of our cat, Seymour, on our cell phones. So we reward her with one clip for one bite she eats. It works amazingly well!

What a great attitude for life! I think we should all have the same attitude as my little niece. Life is a game for us to explore with curiosities. We can get a lot of fun out of it if we have the right attitude to be in it, even during challenging time.

This is a quick dish I made for a hot summer dinner -- beef kabob. 

  • Thin sliced beef (or pork, lamb, chicken): they are meat for shabu (or hot pot) in the winter, available at the Korean grocery store. If not, just make think sliced meat from a tenderloin, when the meat is mostly frozen. (It's easier to cut if it's frozen and slightly defrosted on the surface.)
  • Green scallions and yellow onion:  cut into about 2-in long in length
  • BBQ sauce: 1 Tbsp sha cha sauce (沙茶醬), 1 Tbsp soy sauce, 1 tsp saseme oil, some garlic powder, black pepper and a little chilli sauce (optional).
Wrap 1-2 pieces of scallions and onions in a piece of beef. Put it on a skewer, and brush the BBQ sauce. Bake in the oven at 350F for 10-15 min or until brown. I think you can also grill it on a panini pan. If you feel like firing up the grill, this is a quick way to make some BBQ.

Sha cha sauce is a paste made from soybean oil, garlic, shallots, chilis, brill fish, and dried shrimp. It has a savory and slightly spicy taste. It is great to use as a rub on BBQ meat.

sha cha sauce

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