Saturday, June 11, 2011

Crazy for flowers 花痴

I have a nice colleague at work, who is a great gardener. He loves to decorate everybody's office (with permission) with many pots of plants and flowers. I took a picture of all the plants in my office, because I think they look so cute. Thanks to him, my office is now like a garden, and I get to enjoy the mini flowers when they bloom. Watching them growing new leaves always makes me feel happy.

Peonies  牡丹花
The daffodils and tulips are gone now, but there are other flowers currently blooming in our garden at home. I took some pictures of them before they fall and shared them here. Gardening is new to me, and I just get into it not too long ago. We just planted 20 something daylilies in our backyard. I hope will grow beautifully.

I have great plans for fall. We have an apple tree in our front yard. I want to plant more tulips around the apple tree in October, and they will give me a charming garden next spring.

Peonies  牡丹花
Our roses and lilies are growing quickly, and I can see they are budding now. I will share more beautiful flowers later.

Iris  鳶尾花
Peonies  牡丹花

Rhododendron  杜鵑花
Iris  鳶尾花

Dandelion  蒲公英

Wild flowers

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