Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring is here!! 春之頌

Spring is here! What a pleasant season. The days are getting longer. The temperature is getting warmer, but not too hot yet. Birds are singing; flowers are blooming! It always reminds me of the Spring chapter in Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons".
I like a spring day, especially a cloudy spring day, where there is no sun, but the breeze is still warm. Walking on the street, I hear birds singing, making me want to sing with them too. Everything is just so lovely and delightful! The flowers in people's front yard are so cute, like the ones I share here. The daffodils are so perfectly shaped, making me wonder God's wisdom of creating the world and all creatures in it.

I am a little crazy about gardening this year, but I think I can do more next year. I want to plant more tulips and daffodils in my front lawn and daylilies in the back yard. Gardening is so relaxing and very fulfilling.

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