Friday, May 27, 2011

Seafood salad subway 海鮮沙拉堡

The warm weather continues. Everyday is blue sky, making me want to fly. You can smell summer in the breeze, oh, this is so exciting. I planted more flowers yesterday. It says "easy grow, germ in 10 days" on the box, I hope it's true! I've planted many flowers and shrubs around the house this year, and I am making my rounds everyday in the morning and after work. I hope I will have a beautiful garden this year.

Seafood salad is a nice choice for lunch, especially in the summer time. Thanks for Carol; this is now a common dish in our lunch bags.

For the subways (makes about 8):

  • 300 grams Bread flour
  • 1 Egg*
  • 30 grams Sugar
  • 1/4 tsp Salt
  • 140 cc Milk
  • 30 grams Olive oil
  • 3/4 tsp Instant yeast (for bread machine)
      * Break the egg up. Add about 3/4 of it with the dough. Save the 1/4 to make egg wash for brushing the buns before baking.

1. Put everything in the bread machine, using the "dough" function. Mine takes about 45 min.

2. Once it's complete, check the dough by pushing your index finger in the dough. If it doesn't bounce back, the first rise is done. If it still bounces back, leave it in the bread machine (close the cover) for another 15 min, check again.

3. Take the dough out and divide into 8 parts. I like to use my kitchen balance to divide the dough equally, so that I don't get some bigger or smaller than others.

4. Cover with damp towel and let rest for 15 min. 

5. Roll it out into an oval shape (about 8 in x 5 in), then fold the edge in from the longer side. Fold it in about 1/3 in, then fold it twice more. It looks like a sausage. Seal the edges and the sides. 

6. Seam side down. Spray some water on top and let rise for another hour. You can use the "proof" function of the oven. Or you can heat up a cup of water in the microwave first, then put the buns in for rising.

7. Brush egg wash on top. Bake at 340F (170C) for 15 min.

8. Let cool. Cut open from top and stuff salad in.

For the seafood salad:

You can choose from any of the following, depending on what you like. Pick a few items from each category and mix with mayonnaise.

Seafood: canned tuna, canned crab meat, fake crab meat, crab meat, shrimp, lobster, scallop
Vegetables: apple, celery, carrot, corn, green pea, cucumber, color peppers

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