Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tomato soup 羅宋湯

This soup is part of my series of "Energy Soup". I just want to show how versatile it is. It can be a warm savory soup with the same great ingredients. I know this soup is "different" from the traditional version of tomato soup.
I puree some cooked whole grain mixtures and the canned tomato from my mother-in-law. Cut the beef, carrots (do not peel off the skin), celery and onion into small cubes. Tear the cabbage into small pieces like the size of your thumb. Slice a couple of garlic. (Note: Vegetarians can omit the beef.)

In a sauce pan, heat up two table spoons of olive oil over low heat. Put in the garlic, stir fry until you can smell it. Blot off the excess water from the beef (otherwise it won't brown), stir fry until outside looks brown. Add onion, stir fry until it looks a little transparent. Pour the tomato puree in. Cook until it boils. Add the carrots, celery and cabbage. cook until the vegetables are softened. The amount of vegetables can vary, depending on how much you like them. The soup goes nicely with hot dinner rolls. Enjoy!

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