Saturday, February 19, 2011

A busy day ... for all of us 忙碌的一天

I've been thinking to start a blog for a long time. Today, I finally get to do it. I decided to land on "". I want to share my life in here, like a diary. I think it would be fun to read these posts many years later. As I was envisioning my great plan for this blog, we had an uninvited guest ...

Our cat Seymour always stays close with us when we are home. Yet we haven't seen him since this morning we got up. Looked around the house, found him sitting in the laundry room downstairs. I brought him upstairs, only found him back to the laundry room. He just sat there still, not doing anything. So I brought him up to the dining room, and he's back again. What a stubborn little thing!

While we were watching "Friends" (see footnote 1) after lunch, he brought us an unwanted unexpected surprise -- A MOUSE! In his mouth, and it's still moving! Little Seymour apparently didn't know what to do with it, he just swept it left and right like playing ice hockey. I was already so freaked out, standing tall on a chair just screaming and yelling. Only my husband was left to be Seymour's helper, but I could tell he was scared too.

The mouse ran behind the refrigerator, ans Seymour was waiting so patiently outside. Then it ran up to the vent of the stove and stayed there. Now it's a matter of patience. My husband was nervous staring at the vent with a stick in his hand. God! It was so intense!

It is Saturday, and we usually have dinner at my in-laws. They called around 5 pm to check on us. My mother-in-law was going to come and help, because she is not afraid of mice. Maybe being a mother makes her brave. My mother was the same, but she's far away.

Finally my husband caught the mouse. Oh! My BIG HERO!!  It took us the whole afternoon to get this little creature. I never thought this would be my first post, but here it is!

I love "Friends". Never get tired of watching it!

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